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Q: After AVL-900 installed, why there is no response?

  • Check the polarity of power connection to see if a wrong polarity is connected.

  • Check the power is on or not.


Q: Why does GSM fail to communicate?

  • Check if the SIM card is opened

  • Check whether the SIM car has password

  • Check if the SIM card is correctly placed.

  • Make sure the SIM card does support GPRS function.

  • Make sure to cut off power, before pulling out the SIM card.

  • If the vehicle is parked in a place where the GSM signal is weak.

  • GSM base station of mobile operator is crashing.

  • Whether this SIM card is suspended (such as forget to pay the bill…)

Q: Why GPS can not calculate the position?

  • Check if GPS antenna is correctly installed, or if it is placed in a proper position.

  • Make sure there is not be any metal shield, such as windshield heat insulation paper with metallic content, above the GPS antenna - which may block the reception of GPS signal.

  • Do not park your vehicle under shielding or under a building.

  • If necessary, put the GPS antenna outside the vehicle temporarily.

Q: Why does GPS positioning take such a long time?


The time used for positioning is affected by many factors, such as the weather, distribution of clouds, roadside trees, elevated roads, nearby high buildings, heat insulating papers containing metal elements, and even the covering of the hands, may affect the reception effect of satellite signals. Positioning a vehicle in an idle state take less time than positioning it in motion state.


Q: Does the weather affect GPS operation?


GPS system is able to overcome weather problem in its initial design. GPS satellite positioning signals consist of short waves; the transmission of short waves will not be affected by weather conditions. GPS signals may produce error factors during transmission, such as solar wind, earth rotation, variation of aerosphere density, building reflection, etc. All of which may cause deviations to GPS short wave affect signals. But weather factors will not affect the normal function of GPS.

Q: Why can not it monitor?

  • Check the microphone connector whether it was connected properly or not.

  • Check the memory for SMS messages in the SIM card, to see if it is full or not.

  • Can not receive GSM signal in the place where you locate.

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