GPS-201 GPS Receiver

  • Sony 3G GPS chipset or Nemerix chipset

  • Very low power consumption (typical: 35mA)

  • Built-in low noise high sensitivity active patch antenna

  • Compact size; RS232 interface with PS/2 or USB connector

  • Support high sensitivity for very weak signal acquisition and tracking

  • Full navigation accuracy provided by Standard Positioning Service (SPS)

  •  Integrated powerful CPU, base band and RF front-end hardware in a SOC (System On Chip) design

  • Allow the receiver to track the satellites using up to 16-channel correlators

  • Fast TTFF for cold start, warm start and hot start.

  • High performance firmware drives an excellent positioning speed

  • Serial communication channel with 4800 baud rates

  • Not any initialization setup is required while start to use.

  • Support backup power to sustain internal clock.



GPS Module

Chipset Nemerix
Channels 16 channels
Data Rate 4800 bps
Frequency L1, 1575.42Mhz
C/A Code 1.023Mhz chip rate
Data Protocol NMEA-0183 (V.2.20) GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC
Coordinate Datum WGS-84
Internal Antenna built-in patch antenna


Position Accuracy 3 meters CEP (50%); 7 meters (90%)
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 m/sec w/o S/A
Time Accuracy 100ns synchronized to GPS time


Cold Start Time 45 seconds (Average)
Warm Start Time 38 seconds (Average)
Hot Start Time 10 seconds
Reacquisition Time 100 ms
Update Rate once per second


Sensitivity Acquisition -139 dBm
Sensitivity Tracking -147dBm


Maximum Altitude 18,000 meters
Maximum Velocity 515m/ second
Maximum Acceleration 4g


Power DC 3.6V - 5.5V
Typical Power Consumption 35mAh
Back-Up Battery for RTC & SRAM 3.0V, 3.0mAh, Lithium rechargeable battery
Power Saving automatic sleep mode
Back-Up Current 4uA typical
GPS Status LED yes
Dimensions 40mm * 40mm * 14mm
Weight 70 grams (with magnet & cable)


Operating Temperature -40 - 80 degree (Celsius)
Storage Temperature -55 - 85 degree (Celsius)
Operating Humidity 5% - 95%


Data Cable Length 2 meter (6-pin PS/2 connector)
Standard Package color box, user's manual, CD-ROM
Certifications CE and FCC
Interface RS232 interface with PS/2 connector



      GPT-800 GPT-801 GPS-201

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