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Q: Why the power can not turn on?

  • Make sure the power button has been pressed and held for at least 2 seconds.

  • GPS LED is constant glow or not.

  • Check the SIM card is inserted or not.

  • Check the battery is inserted or not. Also, the life of batter (dead or not).


Q: Why does GSM fail to communicate?

  • Check if the SIM card is activated or not.

  • Check whether the SIM car has password or not.

  • Check if the SIM card is inserted properly.

  • If the vehicle is parked in a place where the GSM signal is weak.

  • GSM base station of mobile operator is crashing.

  • Whether this SIM card is suspended (such as forget to pay the bill…)

Q: Why GPS can not calculate the position?
  • Do not park your vehicle under shielding or under a building.

  • Make sure there is not be any metal shield, such as windshield heat insulation paper with metallic content, above the GPS antenna - which may block the reception of GPS signal.

  • Check whether GPS LED is dark or not. If it is, please restart GPS-911.

Q: Why does GPS positioning take such a long time?


The time used for positioning is affected by many factors, such as the weather, distribution of clouds, roadside trees, elevated roads, nearby high buildings, heat insulating papers containing metal elements, and even the covering of the hands, may affect the reception effect of satellite signals. Positioning a vehicle in an idle state takes less time than positioning it in motion state.


Q: Why the speaker has no any sound?
  • Adjust the volume of the speaker

  • Check if the signal line of the speaker is correctly connected, or becomes loose.


Q: No warning message when the car is moved.

  • Out of battery.

  • Park button is off.

  • A car is moved within a restricted area.


Q: How long does it take to charge GPS-911?

Can it be charged when the power is on?


Charge time is 4 hours when the power is off. It takes longer to charge when the power is on. Highly recommend to turn off the power during charging. Otherwise, the power may not be able to turn on during charging.



Q: Connect GPS-911 to PC via the USB to mini-USB cable, when GPS-911 is on.

“Found New Hardware Wizard” (as illustrated below) will prompt to the screen.


  1. Put the CD delivered with the device onto the CD drive; select “install the software automatically”, and then click “Next” to continue.  

  1. Your computer will install the driver automatically.

  1. Complete the “Found New Hardware Wizard”; click “Finish” to close the wizard.

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