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Q: How can I use navigation map to track the vehicle real-time in internet?


Please arrange it as follows. For more details, please read GPRS User Manual.

1.  Create a Virtual COM Port

Step1. Put the CD delivered with the tracker to the CD driver of your PC; click “CP2102 Win2000/XP/Vista” or "CP2102 Win98" according to the OS of your computer, to install the driver for USB-RS232 cable.

Step2. Connect the USB-RS232 adapting cable to the USB port & the RS232 port of your PC.

* This adapting cable is one of the optional parts. You need to buy it separately.

Step3. After connect the USB-RS2332 cable, please click "My computer" → "Properties" → "Hardware" →
Device Manager"; than check with the virtual COM port is on which port (ex. COM6).

2.  Set-up GooTrac Pipe to COM

Step1. Please set "Pipe Option" (as illustrated below), when you use it for the first time.

Step2. Set the Data Port in "Pipe Option" to be the same as the Virtual COM Port you created in Point 1; and Baud Rate to the same value as your mapping software; while the rest can be kept as the default.

(The below example is to transfer the GPS position data to COM6; and set Baud Rate to 115200).

Step3. After the above setting, right click the vehicle icon, select "Pipe to COM", the text of the column will change to blue color. It indicates the GPS position data have been re-directed to the COM Port.

3.  Run the Mapping Software

Run the mapping software installed in your PC; set GPS Port to COM1 and Baud Rate to the same value as set in Pipe Option (in the above example, it is: 115200), you will be able to see the position and the movement of the vehicle in the navigation map live & real-time. 


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