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Integrating the latest GPS technologies with advanced GIS (Geographic Information System), and GSM/GPRS communications, GOPASS has developed one of the most comprehensive fleet management solution that enables you to effectively dispatch, track, and control your fleet of vehicles and workers. 

The Fleet Management System provides you real-time information on the location and the status of your vehicles & operators. With the information, you can increase the efficiency, utilization, security and safety of your entire fleet.


Operation Chart




  • Lower fuel bills

  • Enhanced customer service

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Improve utilization of your fleet

  • Increase driver and passenger safety

  • Reduce risk of asset theft or abandonment



  • Logistics

  • Fleet management

  • Vehicle positioning

  • Driver's safety protection

  • Vehicle security protection

  • External systems connections

  • Remote monitoring of rainfall

  • Remote monitoring of temperature

  • Remote monitoring of traffic condition

  • Remote monitoring of water level in rivers

  • Remote monitoring of electronic ammeters

  • Security tracking system

  • Report status live & real-time

GIS Mapping Software



GIS (Geographic Information System) is used for conducting, analyzing, and displaying location data. It seems to be a muti-functional tool as a user can make interactive inqueries or edit data and maps. It can also show all operational results.

Our Fleet Management System utilizes GIS mapping software to provide greater value from location-based information, and drive more insightful decisions for businesses and organizations.  It helps customers use location intelligence to enhance their performance and decisions from asset management, network planning, site selection to risk management, and "what's near me" mobile applications.



System Management Monitoring & Display Search & Locate Reporting
General Real-time monitoring Latitude & longitude Mileage Report - Interval
Company Draw archive data   Mileage Report - Daily

Mileage Report - Weekly

User Management    

Mileage Report - Monthly

Vehicle Management    

Mileage Report - Selected Days

Vehicle Group Management    

Daily Routes Report

Driver Management     2-Hour Point-to-Point Report
Map Service    

Parking Report

Over View Map Service    

Over Speeding Report

Gas Management




User Data






Draw Archive Data


Search Location

daily routes report

daily routes

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