Mini Vehicle Tracker - GPX06s






2.1  GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ for global use.
2.2  Wide work voltage input range: 8-50 V DC and 8-100 V DC(optional); 
2.3  GPS/LBS realtime positioning and computer/phone tracking.
2.4  SMS tracking.
2.5  ACC detection for indicating vehicle situation.
2.6  Built-in vibration sensor for anti-theft.
2.7  Preset phone number for anti-theft and alarming.
2.8  Built-in battery for alarming illegally connection wire cutting.(optional)
2.9  Replay for the lastest at least 180 days move history.
2.10 Geofence for alarming getting in and out.
2.11 Preset route for alarming deviation.
2.12 Preset speed limit for alarming overspeed.
2.13 Reports download for supporting checking statistics.
2.14 Computer webpage platform for setting vibration alarm.


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