• Install:

we can install the Virtual COM Port on these ports marked with ˇ§Emptyˇ¨ in the description column.

  • Uninstall:

f you want to remove the software from your device, you can tap "Uninstall" button for the removal.

  • Remove 3rd party Driver:

If you can not find any "Empty" COM Port, please select a device (COM Port), and tab "Remove 3rd party Driver" button to remove its driver; make the COM Port empty and available for you to install the Virtual COM Port.

  • Restore 3rd party Driver:

You can recover the removed driver later by tabbing "Restore 3rd party Driver".


  • Driver Options:

Some mapping software requires GPS data to be received continuously, to meet the requirement, our driver can send GPS data to the mapping software virtually. Tap Tools-> "Driver Options" to set the time interval to send the GPS data to your mapping software virtually.


  • Default Password:

Password is required to operate the GPS Tracker. You must add the password to your commands to have the GPS Tracker worked accordingly. The factory default password is ˇ§8888ˇ¨. You can re-set the password in this screen.


  • Contact List:

You can add up to 65,000 persons/ phone numbers to the contact list, but each time only one person/ phone number can be selected for tracking. Your command will be sent only to the selected person/ phone number.  The selection can be changed by tapping the name/ phone number, and ˇ§Selectˇ¨ button.