Get GPS Position Data

Step1. Go to Tools -> ˇ§Contact Listˇ¨. Add name and Tel. After adding it, select the name you want to track, and click OK to close this screen. Then go to Track screen.
(Note: you can also key in any tel. # in the TEL column, which you like to track)

Step2. Then go to ˇ§Trackˇ¨ screen. Send the command ˇ§Get Position (GPRMC)ˇ¨ to the tracker; you will receive the position data from the tracker in a few seconds.

Step3. Then, open the mapping software. The image of GPS port setting will appear as a following figure. This figure is to set the source of GPS data, we set SMS Track in COM8; baudrate can be set in any number. Then, click OK.

Step4. After the GPS port is set, you can see the position on the map.