3G GPS Vehicle Tracker - WCDMA GT09

  OBD interface GPS TRACKER GOT08  


Special Features
• 3 fuel sensors monitoring simultaneously
• 2 temperature sensors monitoring simultaneously
• Three serial ports supporting multi devices: display, camera, RFID reader, iButton, LED lamp, Garmin Navigator, etc.
• Real time tracking and history data traces tracking
• 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer movement status monitoring
• Firmware update by OTA
• Support DC 9v --60v , overvoltage protection
• Send commands to GPS trackers via GPRS
• Send GPRS data to IP or domain name
• 16Mb Flash Memory( stores 8000pcs or so data)
• Fuel/oil level detection with high accuracy
• Google map link sent via SMS
• Voice monitoring function with microphone

3G Module supporting WCDMA network

Description for GPS tracking
• GSM: Quad-band: GSM850 / E-GSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900
• U-blox GPS modulet with high GPS positioning accuracy
• Voice SMS, GPRS TCP / UDP communications
• Track by cell phone or web based tracking software
• Real-time tracking (Time, Distance Interval or Intelligent Mode)
• Alarm types: Over-speed, Low power, 
  Tremble, Parking, SOS,exterior power off
• Control car doors close/open, Detect the status of engine on/off
• Real-time tracking (Time, Distance Interval or Intelligent Mode)
• Intelligent power management: normal, sleep, deep sleep
• Different GPRS data sending modes for saving GPRS traffic:
  sending data in engine on or tremble state;
  stop sending data in engine off or still state
• 16Mb flash memory for data storage in GSM blind area
• Sleep mode for Saving Power and GPRS traffic
• Backup battery of 900 mAh Li Ion battery 
• Internal power low / lost alarm
• Geo-fencing reports
• Motion sensor for vehicle motion detections

GSM Antenna: 1pcs;
GPS Antenna: 1pcs
I/O cables: 1 set
Optional accessories:
Relay: 1pcs
Door Sensor: 1set
Fuel Sensor: 1pcs




  1. Specification and Features

Hardware Spec                


STM32F103 (ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU)




UBlox NEO 6M (can replace to 7M to support Glonass)

G-sensor/3-axis sensor

Build in for sleep/wake up and harsh break

GSM antenna


GPS antenna


PIN IO interface

4 digital input
4 digital output
4 analog input
1 panic button
2 1-wire for iButton or temperature probe
1 RS485
2 RS232 for RFID, Camera, dispatch screen and other serial port device with customize firmware
1 speaker and microphone
1 Micro USB (No driver need, totally a HID/USB device)



Firmware feature               

Firmware upgrade

By USB or by GPRS remotely(OTA)

Working parameter

Request the working remotely in configurator tool



Report interval

By time/distance combines with angle/veer

Sleep/deep sleep

Normal, sleep, deep sleep

SMS alarm

Send out alarm when vehicle status has been changed
Ignition on/off, GPS antenna drop, IO port changed, low battery

Voice monitoring

Two way conversation: build in authorized phone list.

Digital output/input



Authorized driving and phone call


Geo in/out fence alarm

Firmware update

By USB in PC directly
By GPRS remotely



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